WPC: Collage (one week of photographs)

One week coastal living vibrant
colors and winds whipping
friends of old campfire stories views
merging with dream-like landscapes curious
children sea lions tide-pools alive with movement and things
touching low tide wonder with our fingers and feet
foggy mornings drizzle touched pancakes and hugs
the chance to be quiet
with the elements in awe
the magnitude of this expansive view palpable
and such gratefulness washes over
for this circle of memories created
with family and friendly friends
together with the sea

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. You can find more posts on this topic, HERE.

I chose to collage a week of my life, what a beautiful way to see how much beauty one could take in during a week. We met friends at Sunset Bay State Park in Oregon at the beginning of July, we explored the other state beaches near by including a botanical garden. My son stole my camera most of the day in the garden, I couldn’t blame him. Then after coming back home we visited our local marsh and our favorite beach near where we live. So many moments outside, I hope you are just a bit more refreshed after looking at these images, the sunshine, fog, inflow and out of the waves, the fresh air, the wildness. It is all worth seeing again and again.


    1. I find when I spend more time outside than inside it is usually an idyllic week šŸ™‚ Yes, that is my way of writing poetry, it just comes in a long run on wave that I try to keep up with as I type. Thank you for visiting and enjoying the view and words, I really appreciate it, heavenhappens.

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