Awakened Perch

There was nothing I could do
except get higher to see
as far as I could and feel
the Earth below me move flow crash suffer weather
uncover expand retract cover expose itself endlessly
my body braced solid secure my eyes darting
together taking in the power and stillness
of the waves and wind my breath shallow
at first short and unsure but the comfort
slowly settled in and my breath began
to deepen with my thoughts with no one in sight
and yet so much to see
the morning began
with me awakening

So often, my boy does what the younger version of myself would have done. Even though the moments of his stillness are few and far between, when he chooses to be still, I notice. He has good taste in still moments.


    1. Awe, thank you! It was such a special way to start the day. And, when my boy had to get higher and higher I was so grateful for his stillness and my readiness with the camera. I love this beach and all it gives me every time we make our way there.

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