Tomorrow’s Tomorrow

She holds his hand they share a lifetime
the sun brightens their smile the moon guides their hearts
swinging and swaying together
with the breeze they ease into the everyday
the routine those expectations hiding
in corners shadows growing with each passing year
but together, they see right through the distractions
mistakes find their way right
they continue to hold each other tight
and the longer they are together the simpler they love each other sharing
caring squeezing embracing holding never owning
composing smiling widening flying sighing
compromising persevering touching expressing until their thoughts
their souls their hearts
notice that within the joy lies the vulnerability needed
to live a loving life
and she presses her forehead to his
their eyes looking easily within the other tenderly
seeing the goodness and the years passing
quickly like water flowing towards the sea
while each of them notice the love within
and around them every single endless day
today and tomorrow’s tomorrow

My sister-in-law is getting married today. We are not able to attend her wedding due to many circumstances. It feels hard wanting to be in two places at once today. Luckily, another sister-in-law (I have 5!) offered to read my poem inspired by the bride and groom to them at some point this evening. And, I am hopeful that means a small yet meaningful piece of my family will be there in that moment. Sending them many blessings today!


  1. Such a wonderful gift you have given your sister-in-law, Carrie. The gift of a poem you created, words you honed until they shimmered, thoughts about the loving realities of marriage. Lovely. i am home, but family is arriving to spend some time with us Thursday. I’ll email you after they leave and my life returns to normal.

    1. Welcome home, Janet. Looking forward to hearing from you when ever you get the chance. Thank you, yes, it felt good to share my words and to know they would be “given” at the right moment. I trust my sister-in-law with that! It was an easy, fun poem to write!

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