Stop and See, Feel

Stop just stop and see, feel
the quiet morning wind reaching notice
the clean slate sands offering
opportunities for your creativity
to expand don’t move don’t think
just see find the tops of the trees outlining the sky hear the ocean waves
continuing their ride notice it all
the rocks strung with life muscles, sea anemone, starfish and kelp
find your reflection
in the pools find your eyes find your heart
put those pieces back together that you think are falling apart
just see
the suns rays lighting a path of warm and knowing
that will surly last just see what is here
and what is really not just see
how much there is to notice
within a moment
Physically and mentally


    1. Yes Taphian, so true! This is where I spent Mother’s Day, beginning with the sun! Such a special place to enjoy the morning. thank you.

  1. You captured in your photo a pristine, washed beach, in early morning light….so perfectly undisturbed. I wish I had stood by your side at the moment you captured such beauty with your eyes and words.

    1. Awe, thank you Mercy. I tried to share some of what I was experiencing in the poem. It is a truly special place to get the opportunity to view in person. This was my first attempt at a panoramic with my new camera. I was so excited when this photograph jumped on the screen 🙂 Have a beautiful day.

  2. I particularly like your words Carrie. Stopping, contemplating and being in the moment is something I am striving for, particularly as life is hectic for us right now.

    1. It is a challenge in so many circumstances! I did a 21 day meditation challenge once that had us, for a whole day, when ever we felt our mind travel to the past or into the future, to turn our attention to 3 things we were grateful for in that moment. Our breath, our voice, the feeling of eating or drinking something nourishing, etc… it was amazing how many times I veered and even more amazing was how good it felt to recognize what was right in front of me that was good when I did. Sending you some peace!

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