WPC: Reflecting

Unlike the beginning and end
which are easily noticed and perfectly timed, the middle
of a mental, physical or emotional experience is rarely calculated
pinpointed measured-correctly embraced lined-up focused-on
no this is the point in the path
that is unplanned
and the chaos inconsistency ever-changing turmoil-ridden
monumental always-questioning short-of-breath
uncontrollable challenging climb made just for you middle
is a must
for the beginning and end
to actually mean anything

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is “reflecting” and you can find more entries, HERE.

It was mid-morning when I found this photograph waiting for me on the trail at Lassen National Park. It was the last morning on the trail in mid-Spetember, we were passing the edge of Snag Lake where the “Fantastic Lava Flow” cut off the flow of Grassy Creek, damming the lake. The reflection is so distinct I honestly have a hard time seeing where the lava flow ends and the reflection begins.

There are so many lessons on the trail, I needed all that I learned on this trip to begin to step along the unwanted path of walking with my dad for the next five months through his battle with pancreatic cancer. I knew it was the beginning of something, I knew I had no idea what the middle would look like and I especially knew I was not ready to think about the end. But, now that I have had some time to reflect since his passing it is clearer. I know that the middle of the experience with him is what makes me now understand, appreciate, grieve, feel-it deeply, not hide and accept what is right in front of me and in my heart each morning I wake-up.


  1. This image and your words are beautiful and touching. My heart is full with the combination.

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