MMC- Movement

I am not sure why we try so hard
to disregard the inevitable the in flow
the overwhelming rush
the over-our-head suffocation that always comes
day in day out as sure to be
as the tides no one can live in only one direction
no one can feel only bliss
and joy it is what makes the movement of life
sway what gives love a ride there is no doubt
the anticipation of feelings before they arrive
those churning deep thick shadowed opaque messy momentum driven challenges
we find our way back to the surface
inevitably, once they arrive

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s weekly Monochrome Madness challenge. Each 1st Wednesday of the month the entries are theme based. This month is, motion. Please check out the other entries, HERE.


  1. A perfect pairing of photograph and words to make us reflect along with you on the tides that sweep us. These words really caught me: “no one can live in only one direction
    no one can feel only bliss.” You possess wisdom, Carrie.

    1. What a lovely thing to say, Janet. I find my writing voice to be filled with kind wisdom that I cherish learning from. I’m so glad you noticed this line and it spoke to you. I think it is truth and a hard truth to notice sometimes. Have a beautiful day!

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