Core Beauty

Inward she floats coiled
and sure she knows where she is going
it is worth the effort the anticipated darkness
worth the uncomfortable experience, she is gone
down into the depths of questions
enough times now to understand why, it is a necessity
to unfurl her beauty waiting
soon reaching beyond her core

** A gorgeous purple trillium, wildly growing in my friend’s redwood forest landscape. I hope you are getting an opportunity to enjoy the wildflower details around you.


    1. Oh really, Margaret? They are usually white but occasionally if you are lucky you find a purple one đŸ™‚ My friend as an incredible piece of land that we tromp around on and explore a lot. We were all enjoying this beautiful wildflower. Thank you for enjoying the words too! I appreciate it.

  1. What a vibrant, detailed photograph of a fragile wildflower. It is too early for our wildflowers to grace the mountains, but in June I’ll be able to ramble among them. I liked the feminine pronouns and perspective of the poem.

    1. Thank you, Janet. Yes, wildflowers are always a welcome sight after a long winter. Ours was mighty wet and grey so, this color was brilliant to notice in the forest.

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