My Mane

Some manes are invisible they float
and move with the wind giving power
to those who feel they are actually there
those who know hold their head high shoulders back and walk
with an presence that is noticeable
like they have an invisible shield blocking
hurts and stares that don’t suit
their hearts or weight down their shoulders we all know
those who are gifted with this knowledge and I have decided
it is time I feel how wide
and thick my own feels beautiful useful honest
when I decide it is there all the time

** I can’t believe I missed the 3 year anniversary last week. But, I did. Please go and visit Leanne Cole’s collection of images this week, there are some beauties HERE.

I was able to attend a local orchid show over the weekend. I asked my oldest if he wanted to come too. He loves to explore on the weekends. So, he was a good sport with me stopping every moment to try and capture something else. He ended up asking me what I was doing with the dials and why was I changing them. I decided to give him some chances to begin fiddling with the camera. He saw things I didn’t and we learned a lot from each other. It was a great outing.


  1. Your man is definitely there are the time, Carrie, though you may fail to notice it. I know somedays mine feels a little thin! Your outing with your boy sounds wonderful. I like that you “learned a lot from each other.”

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