Of course so many need
you need you to care
for their wounds need you to calm their wild-eyed views need you
to tenderly speak need you
to listen while they weep so many need you
to believe in their goodness their dreams they need
you to remind them to see
the beautiful details that they are still missing indeed
but please oh please don’t forget about the you
within who gets forgotten so quickly
when so many needs start pulling and you
begin to spin in a multitude
of directions expanding with no roots
frantically keeping the peace
with everywhere everyone but within
you oh don’t forget to find the calm before you give
to offer yourself love on a whim keep fighting
for that voice that heart that peace
only you know where she lives
within the calm unforgotten morning light fresh rain
scent your own pace smile rich details
that you chose to see
before the needs, please


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