She May Fall

And she falls within her tears
cascading tender curiosity
and honesty driving her down into the abstract
where doubt and shadow may dwell but that is in the past
where she may find answers to today to the burden
welling up she may uncover
truths that have been stuck just because she is falling
this doesn’t mean she can’t land strong
looking carefully and observe before rushing
dramatic conclusions no she can adjust
find patience depth understanding and love even in the in between
the struggle the uncomfortable there is a way
to widen the view and stop seeing
only the fall
she will claim the emotional bits
rising from within

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s weekly Monochrome Madness challenge. You can find all the artistic, beautiful entries HERE. Next week is the 3rd anniversary of this challenge. I’m looking forward to looking back next week!


    1. Thank you, this was a unique fern. It had no pigment, so strange. I loved the shape of the two fern blades together and I’m still getting used to my new lens and where the sweet spot is. Fun!

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