WPC: Security

It goes both ways, trust, security, safety, our boys were leery of many dogs we met and yet they kept asking for a dog. We looked and looked going to the local shelter many weekends and then taking month long breaks since my boys acted so overwhelmed with the process. My husband and I were ready to take another long break from looking when a friend called and said we needed to come and meet a puppy.

She was rescued along with her less than a year mom, they were in decent shape just in need of a more abundant and secure life. She was the runt, the last of the litter to find a home. I met her first, she was calm and I could tell her mom was a good tempered dog. So, the boys met her. At first, they did their usual uninterested dance but quickly warmed up to her once they noticed her calmness. They each asked to hold her, she rolled on her back and fell asleep to them petting her belly. She followed them as they played in the yard. They asked to bring her with us back home and continued to talk about her the next morning, both a first for them.

My husband was the final yes we needed. He met her on a Thursday morning, we brought her home with us that Thursday afternoon. We were all secure in our understanding that she would fit in to our family with ease and we were excited to help her feel secure in her own life. We’ve now had her for 4 days and her security rests in our laps now.

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is, “Security”, you can find more photographs HERE. Normally, I spin my post, or at least try to, away from what is the example photo subject in the weekly challenge. But, this week I couldn’t help myself, I chose the same subject. It is just too big of a deal in our family, a new puppy, I couldn’t help but share our story of how we came together.


  1. I love your story and I’m so happy for your family, and for a puppy that has found it’s forever home. What name did your sons choose for their new friend?

  2. It is so great that you found a dog that fits your family, and it is so great that you took the time and consideration to make sure you felt secure in your decision to adopt a furry family member. I am certain that despite the work and the mess and the sometimes not-wanting-to-keep-up feelings, Nala will bring your family so much love and joy. I’m really happy for you!

    1. She is a sweet soul who needs a lot of nurturing and guidance 🙂 We are excited to bring her into our family and also we are tired!

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