Abstract Spring

Like a freshly born colt you wobble
with unused legs through the beginnings
of spring the sun so blinding you can hardly see
your eyes not use to direct contact
with its rays in many ways it all feels like too much so much
to do to feel to express to exchange to notice to expect to experience
a discombobulated mess of thought and anticipation blending
colors and winters depth freshness
bitter winds and just when you have an idea
how to move beyond
the constant spring circles filling your head
the winds pick up the rains begin to fall
and winters hold is not completely done
gripping it all

** My family spent Saturday venturing within Redwood National Park. I took a walk with my oldest son through this overflowing creek. We needed to shout to hear one another over the wild rapid spilling creek. The light was special, as was the company.

I loved this reflection the moment I saw it. I did little to the photograph other than crop within the reflection. It felt very much like how I feel in Spring. There is such a beauty to the season but it is a vulnerable, raw, messy time of year where emotions are as unpredictable as the weather.


  1. You captured spring in all its capriciousness and promise for me this morning with this poem and Dense. And I think your photographs alone would have done the same by themselves as I studied them. My spirit rejoices in spring, but there is a certain vulnerability as well. Even as I write this, large, lazy individual snowflakes are swirling in my town that gloried in spring two days ago. Down the block a smoker stands on her deck, shrouded in a parka, obscured by blowing snow while spring takes a recess.

    1. Ahh, thank you for the visual of your undecided spring. Yes, it is a season misrepresented, I think. And I am thankful you found some truth to my poems today, always a pleasure to hear from you, Janet.

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