Tangled up we are so tangled
up in our head full of thoughts we are not good
enough no one is listening few see
the light in between the shadows and dark
thoughts clouding our ability to just be

And why, why do we continue to speak
in such a way to ourselves
to the world to our children to our journal pages why
is it so easy to only see the mess

When do you soften your breath
quiet your heart move your neck from side to side
stop biting your lip stop holding your shoulders so tight
gripping all those thoughts into the base of your neck
instead just try for a moment to give
to yourself

Some peace a gratifying much needed break
from the noise the curse of the “shoulds”
the ever pressing questions you will never answer
I am sure

Instead say thank you for this tree this life
this breath this split second of peaceful
quiet and begin to notice who you are in this
quiet space carefully looked after by the canopy of the trees
and ease into the next moment and the next
until you learn who this tree already knows
you are

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness. Please take a few moments to enjoy the gallery of beautiful monochrome and participate if you like next week as well! You can find all the entries, HERE.

More to say than usual, maybe. My inner voice is drumming loud these days, seeing many forgetting to soften to their own beating heart, their own life and it is troubling me. I have given myself many opportunities to sit beneath this particular wild tree, she lives in my backyard and watches over my home like a guardian. I appreciate her wisdom and continued support when ever I feel the need to seek her strength, shade or beauty. I hope she gives those who notice her a little something extra to help them see their own inner light today. Enjoy her.


  1. Carrie, I just love the way you think. A kindred spirit 💖😀
    Very beautiful thoughts, put into wise words that describe beautifully.
    Love your sitting tree too.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’ve known you and I share an understanding of the world, glad to know an appreciative Kindred spirit. Keep spreading love and light as you do so beautifully, Robyn.

  2. Oh, Carrie, enjoy her I did, and respond to your words I also did. Shoulds are terrible things whether applied to ourselves or used as weapons to bludgeon others. I, too, carry the burden of shoulds, both those of myself and those of others, physically. I copied this poem and will keep it in the collection I go to when I need solace so your words can help me quiet my breath and soften my heart.

    1. It really means something to me that you did, enjoy her, Janet. And, enough to copy and collect these words! I am humbled. Thank you. There is a loud cry within myself trying to figure out how to sound the alarm to all who are forgetting to hear, feel and see themselves. Thank you for reading and seeing so much!

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