WPC: Atop

Some places stretch the mind others inspire
the body to do more than we ever thought
we can
and when that place does both just ease
in and remember you are standing atop a pocket
where our Earth is giving
something you need to have
within you

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this weeks theme is “Atop” and you can find more entries, HERE.

I thought I would experiment with the processing a bit more than usual. I started with this image in black and white, I was drawn mostly to the shape of the cone flowing through the center of the image. But, I couldn’t let go of the intense red cinders so I tried bringing back some of the saturation and enjoyed the look.

This moment was a huge triumph for my boys. I still can’t believe they found a way to climb this cinder cone in Lassen National Park last summer. 800 feet, essentially straight up, in cinders that slide with every step and starting at over 6,000 ft, so there is little air to breathe. Such a thrill to watch my boys chose to stand atop something so challenging. Their triumph definitely gave me a new perspective of them.


  1. I like the story of your sons they performed a coming-of-age ritual that day that only happens for young ones willing to take on a challenge. And I like the poem because, once again, you’ve captured an emotion I’ve felt as I’ve won a summit physically and then looked out and swallowed the far-flung view mentally. What a glorious day for your family.

    1. Yes, winning a summit, it does hold space in your memory, doesn’t it. Thank you, Janet. I’m so proud of my boys πŸ™‚ And, so enjoy watching moments like this one unfold!

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