A Shifting Season

There is a deepened sense
during these seasonal transitions sometimes
we want to throw ourselves out of a season faster than it will allow
and then other times the shift comes
upon us heavier than expected and we are not ready
to carry such things there is a vulnerability a purity a weakening
taking place as we move between the familiar and the newly transforming
views outside and I am finding
that the longer I linger and allow the final mending to recover
slow my pace within my head, “life is not a race”
I can see within
the coming and going of winter into spring
the many lessons details messages beauty comfort timing bounty ripening guiding
only available if I am
it is for me to see

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge which you can find all the entries for this week, HERE.

This winter has brought feet of rain, we have needed most every drop. And this week, there were breaks in the raindrops filled with sun drenched days and foggy nights. The cherry blooms are almost all gone now from their branches, they are the first of the trees to bloom here. Such a treat of soft pink hues with our grey skies as winter tries to hold on a little longer.

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