Just See

It is time you can stop reading
between the lines of life stop thinking
you are on or off the true path the right side

the light is not at the end
of a tunnel and you will never be done
instead begin to focus and see

the distant point where your eyes and soul intersect
where the light ends and begins where time intimately stands
still you have the gift the presence the breath

the pace the intrinsic knowing to see all that is here
and there you know it
your trust it let it wash over

you fill you as you become aware
of everything you
ever need to just see just see just see please

** Ah, Monochrome Madness. I have missed this challenge and appreciate the space held each week by Leanne Cole for this monochrome gallery. You can check out all the entries this week, HERE.

My family recently drove from far northern California (think 70 miles south of the Oregon border) to Phoenix, AZ to visit my mom. The almond trees were in full bloom and the storm clouds made for a lovely background. We were never fully stopped in traffic but there was about 20 minutes of slowed traffic time perfectly placed among the almond tree fields. I tried about 20 photographs to get the timing down to center the farthest point you could see within the rows separating the trees. I gave myself a high-five when I caught it.


  1. And you deserved that high five, my friend. This is one of the strongest pairings of photographic art and poetry that I have seen in some time. Each perfectly complements the other. The plea in the last line seems powerful, filled with longing, and anguished.

    1. yes, I’ve been within a deep experience these past few months with my Dad, with myself and recently I have discovered some (what I would call ancient) wisdom that begs me to see beyond what my eyes tell me is there. This photograph took a while to come together even though I knew this view was there! It felt right to bring the words and image together 🙂 I’m glad you agree, thank you!

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