WPC: The Road Taken

I can’t help it and why not
take the road few have thought of to ride
the tides of life setting course facing
the sun although it means
there are few who understand many who question the strength of the sand
and believe this path is to trusting
to artistic to fringe driven and off course
but it gives me hope
to see the horizon to feel the ocean breeze
nudging me forward and my breaths are deeper
in this direction so I am sure
it is the road I am taking

** The Weekly Photo Challenge is “The Road Taken”. You can find more entries HERE.

I know I seem to be posting a lot of black and white images lately, I think it is the mood I am in, stripped down and raw. And, I find so much beauty in a black and white image. I love where my eye takes me within a photograph where all I can focus on are shadows, light and lines. That simplicity is comforting.


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