I’ve dreamed of you I’ve searched
I’ve longed to come across your weathered parts
to feel at home under your roof among the trees
around you that have taken root to see outside
your window panes all the beauty life and growth surrounding
in truth in wisdom in love with you protecting
us I’ve known this way this home this place

To draw from yet you have eluded me
except in the quiet whispers of the cold night
until now and there is no way
that I am letting go no way that you are turning
the lights off blurring the shadows and light
confusing my sense of direction my knowing
because you are not unseen anymore


  1. I think it’s a rare gift to be able to describe the emotions we feel as we dream because they are so often fleeting and elusive, and yet your words made me believe you’d dreamed this dream, had seen something you refused to relinquish. It is a lovely, haunting piece of poetry, Carrie.

    1. Sometimes I find myself caught when writing, between my dreams and my reality. And honestly, this piece is very personal. My family took a New Years trip to Cape Blanco, on the Oregon Coast and stayed in this sweet quaint cabin for 4 days. It was a marvelous adventure. I have dreamed of living in a cabin in the woods my whole life. And although it isn’t particularly practical at this point in my life it felt so fun and right for the 4 days we were there. And so I was living in a bit of a dream. This poem is also about my intricate relationship with my husband and how we have begun to see each other again as we used to, before having kids. This trip opened that connection and at the time I wrote this I didn’t want to let that go.
      I appreciate your comment, Janet. I am sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I have been without internet for 2 weeks. But, I am back, though slowly, and love hearing what you notice and how you think through my words. It is inspiring!

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