WPC: Path

One can never see far
enough into the path of our life
so much longing to know when, when
will it end when can I see more when
will I have enough when will I veer off
when can I stop walking when
and then there is a point in time where
within the snapshot of the moment and in the middle
of the stillness of a breath
before it falls into an exhale you have a chance
to catch a glimpse of the unknown and find
your own outstretched path as long as you must see now how
remarkably beautiful

This post, although late in the challenge, is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme was, path, and you can find more entries HERE.

We were asked, “For this photo challenge, show us what path means to you. Consider the journey you’ve taken this year (or where you hope to go in 2017) and share a snapshot of this personal path, whether figurative or literal.”

Yesterday, as I walked with my husband through the fog-thick views at our local marsh I was struck again and again at the beauty at the edge of the fog that I could see and the beauty of the blankness of the fog itself. It reminded me of the continual search to see into the unknown and gave me a deep moment of pause. Luckily, the path we walked was engulfed in the fog and with no one around I felt thankful for my camera in my pocket and the symbolism in this photograph. I’ll take it with me into the new year for sure.


    1. I just read your post and yes, I see why your interest was peaked. I hope you begin to use this “unknown” beginning to 2017 by looking within, asking what your truth is and opening to the great wide story that your soul wants you to share. Happy New Year, Tamara enjoy this next trip around the sun!

  1. this is beautiful…I like the diffused aspect to this image as it is more of a telling of life’s paths…chosen but mostly defined by hope, faith, intention.

    1. Thank you, Brenda. I’m grateful you see the hope, faith and intention within this image. I see it too! But, one could also only see the unknown and then might freeze and not walk anymore.

    1. I know, Leanne. I miss being a part of monochrome and being more present here too. But, many good things are coming to me from my time away. And, I promise to be back more in 2017. Happy New Year to you as well 🙂

  2. What a profoundly beautiful post. Your words, and this image, really resonated with me. I’d like to reblog if you don’t mind.

    1. Oh hello, Laurie. Of course, you are welcome to reblog, thank you! I couldn’t believe how this image just formed in front of me as I walked the other day. And the words…it means so much that they spoke to you.

  3. I’m amazed at how clear and defined the path is until it isn’t and amazed yet again by how nonthreatening the unknown beyond the path is, Carrie. Instead of appearing ominous, it seems malleable, welcoming, full of possibilities, waiting to see how I will define it. Your words reinforced that feeling.

    1. Sorry to be so late in responding, Janet. I have been without internet for 2 weeks, the break has felt tremendous and yet it is lovely to come here and see such a lovely comment from you. I so agree, I’m less afraid of the unknown than I ever have been at any given point of my life and I love your idea and thoughts about its malleability and enhanced possibilities. Thank you.

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