Winter Wonder

She blankets the tips
and softens the grip on time
blowing by muffling the harsh tones
of should and must as the low limber clouds move along
where your footsteps are loud and you can feel
your breath sink down into your throat

The little girl within giggles with purest delight
at the outlines the sparkles the hints
of light the drifts
calling her to slide and play as she is cozily bundled
in down, gloves, boots, a well loved hat
and winter wonder overcomes
within her as her young are
experiencing it too


  1. Yes, indeed, winter wonder and the opportunities to play in its newness does make all of us young again in exactly the way you describe — if we open ourselves to the opportunities.

    1. So true, Janet. I didn’t think we would get to the snow this year. We kept talking ourselves out of it. But on Christmas Eve an opportunity arose and I couldn’t say no. I was struck so deeply by the beauty, the harsh starkness, the perfectly painted branches and the sunlight kissing the scene in just the right places. It was something to marvel at and celebrate for sure!

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