Solstice Gold

The final hour before winter is
official a golden blanket of warmth
tucking in the shadows the wilds still churn
a harmonizing rhythm where the earth and ocean wildly embrace
one another where mist jumps a hundred feet in the air
waves crash again and again
demonstrating how to take a deep breath
and wonder at a moment only meant for us
to embrace to expand to tuck our own shadows in
and have patience with the winter within ourselves
where the light has a harder time
but sure knows
every inch of us


  1. I, too, mark the solstice every year by making sure I spend part of it in the snowbound quiet of outdoors and part of it in the comfort of my home surrounded with soft lamp light, good food, and loved ones. So I especially enjoyed your poetic and photographic description of your marking of this year’s winter solstice. Both are beautiful.

    1. So happy to hear that you give yourself the gift of quiet, peace and winter light on Solstice, Janet. And a soft lamp, good food and friends sounds like a beautiful ritual to warm the inside too! It was a bit of a surprise to feel so alive and wild on such a short lit day, but it was so. I was remarkably grateful for the golden light and the reminder to slow, look and allow what is happening right in front of me. I was awe struck many times on this day.

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