WPC: Chaos

Six children three mamas
two dogs and a compass finding our way within
the wilds tree canopy ferns as tall as a man
snags and bogs deer resting places and skunk cabbage
soft summer light still shinning
for hours collecting sticks and berries picnic time
under ancient redwoods memories of adventure
and friends the pace quick the challenge
intense rewards when riding the waves
of childhood chaos

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is chaos. You can find more entries HERE.



  1. I found so much to study in the photograph as, with a smile caused by the line “when riding the waves of childhood chaos,” I tried to count the heads — as I’m sure each mom did more than once.

    1. It truly is a chaotic photograph! I would not have shared it in other circumstances. But, it was a true adventure with no idea of how we would find our way, exactly, back to the trail that my friend knew was there. I haven’t created my own trail with compass for years and there was such a fun chaotic energy to this time in the woods. One mother and one child as well as myself are not pictured, but that was a lot to get in one frame! Yes, I was counting heads constantly!
      Thank you Janet.

    1. 🙂 That is just how it felt, wonderful and chaotic. Such is how most of these kind of adventures go. So thankful I have friends willing and capable of riding the waves with me! Thank you!

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