MMC- Travel

And she walks
she climbs higher and higher she can’t help but notice
her thin breath the vast expanse
the calm in her step after remarkable step
she can travel beyond her limits
outstretched within the escape of her life
as she knows it and the one right in front of her
at the apex between her breath
coming and going she will glimpse at the truth
that she is the only one
holding herself back

Leanne Cole’s theme this week to start off November is “Travel”, you can find more monochrome travel photographs HERE.

I actually didn’t think I would have anything to contribute for this theme. I was happy to remember this image from this summer the other morning. These three lovely women and myself spend 4 days and 3 nights traveling with backpacks on foot through Lassen National Park. Our final challenge was climbing Lassen Peak, it was a beautiful morning.


    1. So happy you were able to see this one, Janet. I thought of you as I wrote it. I know you enjoy a good mountain climb. This trip was such a special one this summer, so many poems and wonders have been inspired by this time outside! Thank you.

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