Hope on the Horizon

There is hope in a view
such as this the warmth of the sun the quiet smooth mist
the in and out of the effortless
tides the waving brush celebrating an arrival
to a point where one can see what is expected
of how far reaching
our efforts are encouraged to keep up
where the skies are inviting and the fresh air is sweetly calling
us to be our best to be myself
to be you oh I could marvel staring at all that is beyond
waiting for us ready calling me close and when I am ready
we will continue on

I wrote about how I came to this viewpoint on Monday, it felt clearly appropriate to also share this photograph for Monochrome Madness this week too. So, please go HERE to Leanne Cole’s blog to visit the gallery this week. There are many beautiful monochrome images this week as always.

It is unusual for such hope to come from my black and white images, at least in the form of my poems that accompany them. But, it was very clear to me as I looked this image over how much hope I felt from it. I wonder if you feel it too?


  1. Your poem or is it prose? matches your b & w photo perfectly….I really loved your photo in color but truthfully it has an emotional impact in b & w and that surf and the foliage (I forget what it is) has a push and pull aspect that I didn’t notice in the color version.

    1. Hello Margaret, thank you for noticing so much. I intended on sharing this image in black and white over color initially but it fit the “local” topic so well. I couldn’t decide. I rarely share the same image, not sure I ever have unless it was part of a challenge where you worked on the images multiple weeks. I so agree with your observations of the surf and those fluffy beach weeds. It feels framed and there is a hopeful longing I couldn’t ignore. I really enjoyed writing about this image today.
      And, I must admit, when you wondered if I write in prose or poetry, I am never sure what to call it. So, I looked it up! And it is clearly poetry according to this article 🙂 Thanks for giving me a reason to learn something lovely today! http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/p-as_docs/PoetryandProse.pdf

      1. Well, your poetry is beautiful and I love how your photo prompted your writing, a creative marriage of the best kind. 🙂 I’ll have to take a look at that link, I have always wondered about the difference.

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