WPC: Local

I have lived many places and in some cases I didn’t want it known that I was a local. That is not the case with our most recent move, over two years ago now. From the moment we unpacked I was instantly proud to say I live here. I am mostly asked this question when we are frequenting the beaches, although it happens occasionally in the forests too.

My favorite drive along the coastline between Trinidad, CA and Westhaven, CA winds and dips from eroding hill-slopes ready to spill into the Pacific below. I have wanted to stop along Scenic Drive to take a photograph at this bend in the road ever since I saw it. It has taken me about two years to actually stop. But, that is the beauty of being local, you can feel out an area and know when it is the right time to stop and take the view with you.

Every time we make our way to this coastline I have to remind myself I am not on vacation, my home is just a short 15 min drive away and yes, I am a local. That is such a wildly exciting feeling for me, still.

You can find more interpretations of “Local”, HERE. And check back on Wednesday, I’ll be posting this image in monochrome for the MMC challenge this week.


  1. I agree…..I love that drive 🙂 Oh and I love the Blackberry Festival in Westhaven, I was able to go once but there is absolutely something special with the area. You are very fortunate to live there.

    1. Thank you Margaret, so fun to have someone “know” this view and this drive. I saw a quote recently that said something to the effect of, “I want my real life to feel like I am on vacation.”, and most days this is true in living here. I am grateful for sure.

  2. Such a beautiful coastline, and glad to hear that you finally managed to stop to take a shot after a couple of years. The blue sky and water looks magnificent, simply stunning. Beautiful view. You should stop more, and maybe also go down to the coast to take in the beauty right upfront 🙂

    1. Hello Mabel, yes it is surprising it took me so long to stop here. I am usually not driving along this road to photograph. It is very narrow and treacherous to do much more than just drive. And, oh I do go down to the beaches and photograph, all the time. I am drawn to each beautiful spot along to coast. Each cove has something new to explore and share. Thank you for your kind comment and suggestions.

  3. I fell in love with such views on my recent trip to the Oregon coast. As much as I like the views of Lake Superior, the Pacific coast is an order of magnitude higher in beauty and magnificence. Inland was also amazing, especially the trip to Mt. Shasta. Looking forward to the next trip west.

    1. I’m glad to hear you know this area a bit and I encourage you to come a little south to Humboldt County, there is great access and incredible coastline, redwoods and interesting locals to photograph.
      My husband is a volcanologist and works on Mt. Shasta quite often now. It is such a beautiful area, always more to explore!

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