Take it all in the ugly
and the exquisite the wild
and the tame the vastness and the minuscule
it is all looking at you
embracing your faults insecurities
unknowns and truths unquestioning challenging making you see
roots into the sea under the ground stretching
beyond this planet into the unbridled universe
beyond one imagination
but you feel it with each breath
each time your hand is out stretched each night you dream
look beyond your own eyes
into the depths of the mirror and find a connected peace
with no defined beginning or end just the gift
of time on this planet
and a willingness to see
more again and again

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s weekly Monochrome Madness challenge. Each week she collects monochrome images and you can find this week’s gallery, HERE.

Lassen National Park never disappoints me. This lake is Snag Lake and that incredible lava flow is called the Fantastic Lava Flow. It was erupted from a Cinder Cone in the late 1600’s and was so massive it dammed the creek that flowed here creating a large beautiful lake. I couldn’t get over the calmness of the water in the morning as we hiked past this spot, the mirror effect wast stunning.

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