WPC: Quest

Hungry but this view
just distracting enough how many moments
are you awake
like this, how many more dawns will you see
how many more sunrises will you eagerly await
wrapped in a sleeping bag, mind quiet
enough to hear a soul growing leaning into
the wildness you adore how many more
days spent traveling by foot
carrying enough but not too much
careful my dearest don’t leave just yet
each silent embrace is important for you to wake up
just a little more
from the slumber of the past, keep walking
keep climbing keep sleeping
under the stars

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This weeks theme is, Quest and you can find more interesting photographs HERE.

I had the good fortune of backpacking in Lassen National Park about a week ago. I spent 4 days and 3 nights taking in all the vast wild beauty around me. I am not really a morning person but when I sleep outside I am. I hear the early dawn stirring, the quiet cold air holding tight before the sun whisks it away and there is something magical about being the only one awake in camp. I wanted to wake up with the lake on our last morning, to see the sun rise above the mountain and warm my face. It was my quest in how to start my day and my instincts were sharp and true. I am always, ever so grateful for this kind of view.


  1. What an amazing photo! It makes my soul wish I could wake up tomorrow morning in that spot. And a beautiful poem, capturing your thoughts and feelings of peace and magic so perfectly.

    1. Hello Johanna! So thankful to have shared this view with you. It is such a magical place. I can’t wait to wake up here again soon as well. Our trip inspired those words, you are a major part of that!

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