Within the beauty
of a day there are so many places where one can stray
and fall
get lost and distracted
hurt by words allowing shame to cloud
the brightest of growing moments and in doing so each time
I twirl spin off close my eyes
to the whole picture the whole moment I lose sight
of myself my gifts meant to soften this world
my endless love
my wide heart beating without question and then all I am
is just like everyone else

** This post is part of the lovely weekly photo challenge brought together by Leanne Cole. You can find the entire gallery of Monochrome Madness from this week, HERE.



    1. I really appreciate your comment, Cybele. The words speak volumes to me as well. It was a way for me to understand and acknowledge how to rise above things I don’t have control of right now. All I ever do really have control of is how much love I can bring into the world! And, that felt so freeing to realize as the words sprang from my keyboard on to the screen.

  1. This is the finest poem I’ve read in some time, Carrie, because it deals with something that happens to all of us: being sidetracked from the beauty of life by the words of others. I’ve seen it happen to students in my classroom and to my precious grandchildren and their parents. It happens to me as well. All of us sometimes lose sight of ourselves, and our greatest victory is when we respond, as you so wisely say, with love. And the photograph matches the message perfectly. You gave me a golden moment this morning.

    1. Awe, you just made my day Janet. Thank you! This poem came from a learning moment, a deep moment brought to my attention by my loving mentor whom I adore when I was complaining and frustrated at how my dad was treating me. It felt so good to write this, to see the whole picture and to understand love is always one of the choices! I’m so grateful for your comment and understanding of the complexity of emotions and how they can get the better of all of us.

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