The Climb

She calls us to walk
up to slip and crunch on her sides
to view the Earth from new heights
packs heavy hearts free our feet continue up strong and willing
as we climb on our lungs empty
the air light we have plenty of time
working together encouraging one another
telling stories playing games chewing gum to keep the pace
wandering elevating illuminating our senses
growing closer together
oh what an adventure

** This post is part of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness. Please check out the gallery, HERE.

I have been absent for a few weeks, feels good to get back to this challenge. Feeling the need to say so much. I have dreamed of backpacking with my boys for quite some time. It hasn’t feel like the right timing until this summer. What an adventure! My boys were so strong and capable, they were very adaptive too. It was inspiring to hike with them. We stopped for a snack the first day of our trek at the base of this cone called Cinder Cone. They instantly wanted to climb to the top.

My husband and I have been up before, we knew the walk up is difficult and made sure they did too. They would not be swayed. It wasn’t our original plan but we went for it. 800 ft up, the top is at 6900ft. My oldest left us in the dust and I found him waiting for us under the shade of a tree at the top drinking his water. He was so proud of himself. When my youngest made it up he exclaimed “I am awesome!” I couldn’t agree more.


  1. Oh, I agree, Carrie; all of you are awesome. Thank you for reminding me with this poem of the feeling of doggedly putting one foot ahead of the other because you know the glorious feeling of reaching the top and feeling like the king of the world.

    1. I love that you know and enjoy that feeling, Janet. It was quite a challenge for my boys. So proud of them! This photograph was from the next day, we were reminiscing about our assent up the cone in the background. Such a wild, beautiful adventure.

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