Land, Sea and Me

Fog thickly wraps enveloping
the worries in its path cleansing
within each crevice
and crack seeping moisture reaching within
cooling the winds calming
the eyes softening the words blending life
connecting the land with
the sea the trees with me the skies with the ground
taking away the judgement of boundaries imposed
and bringing together
land, sea and me


  1. Beautiful poem and photo! We finally made it up there and went for two nights for our anniversary. We stayed in Meyers Flat which was central to do lots of things. It was a nice anniversary.

    1. So happy to hear you were able to enjoy the redwoods for a few days. I have seen some of your photographs, so beautiful. Such a nice way to spend an anniversary. I could stare up at these beautiful trees for hours! Thank you so much, Laura.

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