Sweet Tree

Yes sweet tree I am
here savoring seeing
your beauty layered and sincere
expressing how wide
wisdom reaches housing failures
worries missteps truths
bumps splays overlaps
light shadows animals too
you must be viewed while stretching
my neck back opening
my throat feeling the weight of my head
full of thoughts and releasing them
into your safe
wild arms

** I have enjoyed 5 soul-filling days in Portland Oregon. My dear friend facilitated the experience and I dropped into a place within me where I only go with her. I wrote a lot, I cried a lot, I danced wildly, I sang from my heart, I soaked in love and attention, I embraced struggle and friendship and I am so thankful for the experience, the time, the trust in myself to listen and wander on.


  1. Your experience in Oregon sounds glorious, Carrie. Such freedom! Your prose, your poem, and your photograph all combine to tell me what a meaningful experience it was for you.

    1. Indeed, Janet. Freedom is a beautiful word to describe the experience. There are few times in my life where I have felt free enough to express, dig, search, question, dance, live and be within all parts of me without the worry creeping in of judgement from myself or others with me. It is a gift I have had the pleasure of receiving two years in a row and my life is far better for it. I feel a deep shift, towards the abstract, towards the light, towards creative expression, towards the knowing parts of myself that I have known about but haven’t given a voice until recently. It is exciting!

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