Dainty Dreams

Feeling the pull
to stand out away from the background
the everyday
routine fading my dreams blossoming
gaining flourishing unwavering still dainty and new
but oh so beautiful

Although summer’s pace is slow in thought it moves at a rapid trot, at least for me. In giving an effort to make the most of each of these longer days I am noticing so many moments of moving away from should and must dos into savoring the pocket of a moment for an extra long time. Sitting in, taking in, deeply moving through, it is opening my heart to the life I have always wanted to live and that is incredible. So incredible.


  1. Oooh YES it is 🙂 Lovely poem and photo! Yesterday morning I had one of those moments that will last forever, just sitting on the tailgate of my truck having my morning coffee in the middle of the Nevada desert. Watching the sunrise. Listening to the coyotes sing in the background. The smell of sagebrush in the morning represents freedom to me. I would wear that as perfume every day If I could 🙂

    1. That is a pungent glorious smell, Maria. And lovely way to enjoy a morning. Wild moments are so important! Thank you, I captured this image earlier this month while blackberry picking with my boys. The words didn’t find their way to me until this morning 🙂

      1. Yes! Ever since my first encounter with sagebrush, I’ve been in love with the scent. Or should I say, the various variety’s of the scent 🙂
        Yesterday morning the air was filled with something else as well, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly. It was both a scent, and a feeling. Minutes after I finished my coffee, I found HUGE tracks of something, likely a mountain lion. The tracks was bigger than my hand (with the fingers stretch out. I don’t have small hands!)

        Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem, and the photo.

    1. I so agree, Susan. The more I allow the quiet the happier I am! You have a beautiful eye for such delicate moments, I admire your work very much.

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