Trail Truths

What becomes of these
thoughts what becomes of me
I am lost unsure questioning
even beginning to feel
weak with a roof
over me the yearning to live
eat breath sleep outside
isn’t okay with going back
into hiding my feral roots awakened
my heart seeping
joy and truths a shifted rhythm
a deep seeded yearning wandering
along this shore the ups
and downs ins and outs easily
laid out my feet giddy
and stuck between life
on a trail and societal strife


  1. Carrie, this is a marvelous poem packed with strong words that create visuals, the emotions of uncertainty and yearning, and compelling bits like “my feral roots awakened my heart seeping” It’s a poem worth cherishing and rereading, which I shall do.

    1. That means so much to me, Janet. Thank you. I had a hard time coming back into reality after living in the back-country for 4 days. After writing this poem I felt more grounded and began to understand why I was struggling. Words heal as I know you know! I know I’ll re-read this one on good days and challenging ones too.

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