MMC- High

I’ve already shared this image a few months back (in color) and I have wanted to try a black and white edit for some time. I thought the vein in the rock coupled with the reaching clouds makes for an interesting arrangement. But, when I tried this in Lightroom it didn’t pop like I thought it would. Something was lost and a lot of the detail was missing.

Fast forward a year (we were here, in the Sierra almost exactly a year ago) and now I have the Silver Efex Pro free download from google. I thought I would see if it would do a better job. It did. I was so happy when I saw on my screen what I was envisioning when I first captured this image. I appreciate the lines, the deep shadows within the weathered granite, the silhouette of my boy feeling powerful and alive and the slight possibility that he has conjured up the clouds rocketing into the skies.

The gallery this week is beyond gorgeous. Such wonderful interpretations of “HIGH” in monochrome. Go to Leanne Cole’s blog HERE to see all the wonderful images. And, if you are wondering how I didn’t write a poem for this image, I already did. Click the link in the first sentence to read it, I would really appreciate that.


    1. Thank you Sue, I appreciate Georgia O’Keefe greatly! This is a pretty special place, always something extra within those shadowed cracks of granite.

  1. I remember enjoying the earlier image and poem, and I’m always appreciative when you share your thoughts about what you see in a photograph and what you wanted to do.

    1. Thank you! This image always makes me happy. My youngest embraces the challenge of a day with inspiring joy. It was fun to work on the image again.

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