Dreams and hugs tears
and celebrations first kisses
wedding bells sunset views
disappointments regrets too
worries caring too much sitting
under that tree for
an extra long time my husbands
laugh my boys
blue eyes that feeling
in my belly when I know
it is right the roar of a river
the smell of BBQ
the rosewater scent of my grandmother
a backpack’s zipper they all scatter
but together basking in the sunlight
just below the churning mist they are humming
softly with the tides
harmonizing my wild
swift incredible life


  1. I love how you created depth with the small stones on the sandy beach that lead our eye to those big rocks. And oh how I love this: “just below the churning mist they are humming
    softly with the tides harmonizing my wild swift incredible life”. 🙂

    1. Thank you! This was a powerful few hours on the beach, for me. I loved all these beautiful worn rocks scattered everywhere but couldn’t get a feel for them in an image until I got down on the sand 🙂 I have noticed recently how I am not a “new” mom anymore. I am enjoy the perspective! Thanks so much, Laura.

  2. The poem and photograph are a powerful combination. I was moved by your idea that all those things you’ve felt and experienced from dreams to a backpack’s zipper hum with the softness of the tide. Your mention of your grandmother’s rosewater scent brought tears to my eyes.

    1. My grandmother is always close! She pops into my thoughts often when I am writing and especially when I am thinking of all the endpoints of my life. I felt a shift in perspective when I was at this beach with my boys. It was like I walked into a different realm, where strength and possibilities fly. Thank you so much, Janet for feeling and seeing my intentions.

  3. Your words perfectly capture the way the scattered pieces of our lives meld together into something much greater than their constituent parts, ‘humming softly with the tides’. The poem fits wonderfully with the stunning picture, too. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Louise. I had a lot on my mind that day, parenting can feel overwhelming at times. But, thinking of it as a small part of a long lovely life tends to bring me up and out of the slog. I loved this view! And, I am so glad you enjoyed the combination of photograph and words.

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