Tidal Mud

Sloppy sticky goop slogging
muck covered up when the moon
demands the tide up looking
out the harshness fades my eyes relax
no more squinting today no more
shallow breaths no more fear
of the mess no more argumentative voice
no more negative sighs I leave them all
in this mud to stay
and refresh with the ever
constant tidal sway

Our local marsh is a wonder of a place, each time I go I find myself seeing, feeling and acknowledging the deep connection between us and what is below my feet and beyond my eyes. May we all find peace in the mud of today.


    1. It would take a lot for me to do that now! I used to do it all the time as a girl. I got caught in a tidal flat once with a girlfriend when we were about 9, shoes lost, mud everywhere and a lovely memory. Thank you Maria 🙂

    1. I was standing on a dock with my shoes on and trying desperately to keep my boys from going head first into the mud 🙂 I get stuck so often, between thoughts, it felt good to leave some of the stickiest ones in this mud! Thanks so much, Cybele.

  1. I had always thought I was alone in finding beauty and solace in mud. As a child, I loved to feel it ooze through my toes; as a teenager I thought the bubbling mud pots in Yellowstone its finest attraction; and always I enjoy studying the crazed lines of dry mud. It seems I see little of mud anymore and your photograph and poem reminded me of how much I miss it.

    1. Mud Pots! Yes, I can’t stop looking at those. The pots at Lassen N. P. are also mesmerizing. Love to know that I jogged your memory, Janet. I feel beyond grateful for all the beauty and places to enjoy it here!

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