I am called to this
lone tree the hum of the birds
and the bees
the swift current winds need my breath
to join in
to sit still and soft
shoulders warming from the high sun
melting the busy must-do layers quietly
one by one
until all is shed and the ground absorbs
my weight my hair
flows lightly behind
me and here now I am one
with this magnificence

** This post is part of Monochrome Madness, a weekly challenge brought together by Leanne Cole each week. You can find all of this week’s entries, HERE.

There are a few scenes I have on my list as photographs I would love to find and capture. A lone tree in a field with interesting clouds was one such scene. Although, this tree wasn’t totally alone in the field I found a way to make it look as though it was. I had about 2 minutes to find my way with this opportunity. I am rarely alone when I photograph any of my images, my family is always pushing on ahead. I had to run to catch up many times on this particular adventure. The vast views were inspiring.


  1. How wonderful that you are to be able to find a subject you want to photograph, take such a peaceful, expansive picture, then rush to catch up with a family you love and enjoy. Wonderful.

    1. When I come back from trips and look through the moments I have brought back with me. I laugh, often out loud, at the absurdity of the peace and beauty I love to find paired with the wild chaos of my boys. I think it is why I seek to find such images as this. Knowing that there is peace and calm around me when I hear/feel/see little is a real comfort!

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