WPC: Spare (Sparse)

A spare thought as I walk
by this curious relic
in the low-tide mud making my feet stop
my eyes scan the sparse wild view
of a place I can not travel out to
so instead my head fills with thought
after thought of how why and who
added to this otherwise
muddy mundane coastal grey

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme, “Spare”. You can find more interpretations HERE. We were given three possible interpretations of the word, 1) (adjective) additional for what is required for ordinary use, 2) (adjective) Elegantly simple, 3) (verb) To refrain from harming. I chose #2 for my photograph and tried to incorporate all three ideas in my poem.

The photograph is from the Arcata Marsh, a favorite place for our family to visit. The ever churning skies, flocks of birds flying freely in the wind and the tide fluctuations add quite a lot to the experience.


    1. Thank you! It felt like a challenging, challenge. Although this view jumped in my head when I first read the word for this week.

    1. Hello, Gale. Thank you! Always fun to find out what words are going to come out when I look at my images. This was a challenge, but a fun one.

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