Dangerous Beauty

I wonder if you carried
everyone’s concern
for you on your shoulders
your posture slouched
your choices driven by something
more than your true self
living just outside
the rules in the blur
between reality and numb
the dangerous beauty
of untamed untapped unquestioned tunnels
of creativity strung together
first in hours then days
years of abusing taking concerning
dreaming stopping hoping using
swirling suffocating and now leaving
behind everyone I am very sorry
you are gone

**This post is part of the Monochrome Madness brought together every week by Leanne Cole. You can find the gallery of monochrome, HERE. I am sorry to write such a dark poem, the background of this image struck me instantly when I was editing it. I lost my cousin late last week to Heroin. He was the youngest of the grandchildren in our family. No matter his choices through his young adult life, I am grieving his loss and holding my family in my heart. I am thankful for this space, to write what I am feeling through words and images. A beautiful way to begin to heal so many pieces within.


    1. Thank you, Cybele for reading and saying so. It means a lot. Yes, it is so tragic. I am thankful for MMC, black and white images send me deeper into words that I wouldn’t otherwise express.

    1. I wasn’t sure where all the words would go, as you say, grief is complex, but I appreciate the space and ability to share. Thank you, Chris.

  1. It is truly a very beautiful poem. I am sorry for your loss but hope that his soul is now totally at peace. Thanks for sharing; hugs from my heart to yours 🙂

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