One Four Challenge: May wk3

DSC08885-4_FotoSketcher 2

Week 3

We are on week 3 for our challenge this month. I decided to crop my image this week and bring the focus of the image towards the sunny day and craftsmanship of the Chateau. If you are interested in seeing all the other participants in this challenge, then click HERE. Robyn from Captivate Me hosts this challenge and you will find all the details there too.My first step was to look at this image and find a focal point I wanted to enhance. The first two weeks I just worked on the “old time” feel of the image. This week I decided to strip away the trees and shadows and focus on the building itself. So, I cropped above the foreground brush and inside of the trees to the right of the original image. I found a point where I thought the roof-line told a story within the image and then brought it into Fotosketcher to play.

I used the image from week 1 to edit with. I liked the sky color better than the original. My son and I played with the program, he would call out an artistic type, I would select it and then we would play with the sliders until we liked the effect. Our favorite for this image was oil pastel. I merged the oil pastel with the original image to get this final effect. I like the soft yet detailed look of the combination image.

As always, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s edits this week. Please feel free to comment with feedback, it is always nice to hear from you. If you are looking for more information on this Chateau and where it is located, you can find that HERE.



    1. Thanks Chris, I had fun working with my son on this. He was fascinated by how quickly FotoSketcher worked! Have a wonderful week ahead.

  1. Carrie, I really liked this when I first saw it.. it’s made me ponder.
    I haven’t actually come to any conclusions, but I like your crop choice and colour tones very much. I like that you found a different focus for the viewer. A good result πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Robyn. Yes, I have pondered on this one too. Not sure if there is enough going on in the image to call it “good” but I liked the change of focus and effect of the softened yet detailed look. Thank you!

  2. I see what you mean about the roofline telling a story in this week’s image. I hadn’t even noticed it earlier, but now I see that it is interesting. You continue to educate my eye.

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, I love that you look closely and try to see what I see. This challenge is always hard for me. But, I grow every time I participate.

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