We all have a beginning
where the waters go
from standing to flow
where our thoughts move
into motion
and the sands begin
to float away instead of acting
like a place to bury our head
or toes and when you look
back at the beginning
you realize
the strength
of one thought now the beginnings
of a path as strong
as a solid tree trunk

**This post is part of Monochrome Madness brought together each week by Leanne Cole, HERE. My family went to our favorite beach on Mother’s Day to begin our day together. It was a wonderful experience, the tide was extra low, we saw so many beautiful things. I’ll share more soon.



    1. Thank you, Maria. Yes, Mother’s Day was a treat! I took this photo that day. The sun is out, our garden is growing and I am enjoying this week. Happy mid-week to you.

    1. Thank you, Tamara 🙂 it was a lovely Mother’s Day morning at the beach. So many new thoughts starting their journey! Thank you so much for all the extra likes too!

      1. You’re quite welcome! I have been rather quiet blogging the last couple of months. When we lost Molly, a huge hole in my heart was created. She was my muse and went with me all the time on daily walks and hikes as well as scouting photography locations. Miss her so much!

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