One Four Challenge: May wk.2


Week 2

My week 2 edit is my first ever edit in Silver Efex Pro 2, I wanted to try to replicate what a photograph of this Chateau might look like if I found an original image from the 1930’s. If you are looking for more information on the history of this image, check my week 1 post HERE.

I found a vintage preset I liked (Antique Plate 1), I also used the awesome tool called control points where you can click on a specific area and add details and refinement specifically to that area. I used this tool on the face of the sun drenched side of the building. It allowed me to bring back the grains of the wood and details that were otherwise blown out. It was remarkably quick and easy to figure out. Finally, I deepened the grain within the image and found a great burnt edge effect to add to it too.

I have a lot to learn with this new program but I love this challenge because it pushes me to try new things. Here are the edits thus far, looking forward to seeing everyone’s work this week. Please look at Robyn’s post this week, HERE to find all the participants and how to join in too. I appreciate all comments and feedback, it helps me learn and grow.


  1. Great use of Silver Efex Carrie. It’s a versatile program. You have done well bringing back the vintage feel and your choice of preset, local adjustments and framing really enhance the story.

  2. Really nice edition this week Carrie – your image definitely evokes a feeling of that time period. Love the balance and the grainy touch too. Glad you’re enjoying using Silver Efex 🙂

    1. Thanks Robyn, yes it is a fun program. Feeling like I need to watch some more tutorials to get the real gist of it but that will come eventually, I hope. Now, to come up with a plan for next week!

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