Hard to focus
and breathe into their shrills
scraped knees little boy emergencies
no groceries hardly satisfied appetites
pants to short without notice
new shoes please new toys too
when all I really
want is to enjoy
the view to hear the softness
in the waves calming
my voice
quietly saying okay to the mess
to the wilds within my boys
to my husbands work related stress
and sending it out with
this incoming wave
held by the ocean
who is willing and much
stronger than me


    1. I have felt bombarded lately with my families needs and I have done right by my own self to keep boundaries, walk every evening and continue to ask myself what I need in a given moment. So I am good, it is just, as I looked at this view from our trip to the beach this weekend I knew I had a lot to say πŸ™‚ It felt good to write this and see my worries line by line. My relationship with the Ocean tide is growing every day here! I am so happy I have a place to easily let go and enjoy the view. Thanks Laura.

  1. Oh Carrie
    The ocean is yoga, mindfulness, a psychologist you name it, all that calms the mind and steadies the tide, soothes the soul. I also walk over the road to spend time with my ocean everyday. Great words Carrie, they say it all, but you have it covered and you are amazing.
    Big hugs from my ocean to yours
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

  2. Whenever I am blessed with an extended stay by the ocean, I find myself doing what you described so well, Carrie: “sending it out with this incoming wave held by the ocean” my “it” being, like yours, the stresses that come with living. You captured a very real experience for me in this open and honest post, Carrie.

    1. Thank you! My beautiful friend, whom I learn something from each time we speak, told me this is what she does in a given overwhelming moment. She closes her eyes, thinks of the sounds of the waves carrying her worries and stress away and says thank you, then she opens her eyes and can focus with greater clarity on the moment at hand. She doesn’t live near the ocean but she uses its powers often. She is brilliant, I think!

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