One Four Challenge: May wk.1


Week 1

This quarterly challenge hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me is on for May. This is a fun and challenging way to edit an image, get feedback on your results and engage with fellow bloggers. If you are interested in participating in the challenge please check out all the details, HERE.

My husband and I recently spent a weekend away while my parents watched our boys. One of the places we explored was Oregon Caves National Monument in Cave Junction, OR. We toured the caves on a 90 minute guided tour and admired the structures, all build in the early 1930’s. The picture I chose for this month is of the Chateau, it is open from early May through Labor Day. We plan to go back to visit and possibly stay here this summer. My boys were ticked when they heard we went in a bat cave without them.

I sure hope this image will withstand four solid edits. I have some new tools to give me some extra options now, Robyn generously offered interesting presets for Lightroom to her readers the other day. I quickly downloaded them and even used one on this first edit. I also took advantage of the Nik Efex free download from google. I couldn’t figure out how to access it until I read Six Pixx post and asked how she accessed the program yesterday. I am really looking forward to learning and using these tools.

So, on to the edit. This week I wanted to showcase the classic, rustic, old-time feel of this beautiful structure. The siding is made from the bark of the trees used to build the Chateau and I wanted their texture to stand out. Robyn’s preset Misty Rose Light gave me the look I was going for. I especially liked how it removed the glare from the windows as well. I played with the shadow/black ratio to make the shadows feel realistic and added a little more clarity too. The final touch was to add some blue to the sky and green to the foreground tree. Just enough so it looked natural. Both elements were unsaturated significantly with the preset.

I am looking forward to enjoying everyone’s edits this week and look forward to hearing your feedback and comments. Have a wonderful week ahead. Please click HERE to enjoy other entries and see Robyn’s contribution this week.


  1. Carrie it sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful weekend away with your husband.. and such a beautiful restful place. So close to nature!
    I definitely think you’ll find four images from the original.
    I’m delighted you found one of the presets helpful and I really like that you opened up the shadows and brought in more detail. I do think the tones suit the image! A great start to May 😃😃

    1. Thank you, Robyn. I recently discovered the trick of raising the shadows and lowering the blacks a similar amount, it tends to produce a nice effect that feels more realistic to me. Yes, we enjoyed our time together, always fun to explore with him. Nature is never far from any of our adventures, it is intrinsic to our happiness 🙂 Yes, I like your presets, so looking forward to utilizing them in the future, thank you so much! Always fun to experiment with this challenge, looking forward to it.

      1. It’s good isn’t it Carrie – think it evens things out and gives a bit more balance where you might like it.
        Glad you enjoyed your time away. We enjoy nature too 😀
        Have fun Carrie x

  2. Carrie, you know how much I like it when you enter a challenge because I find it both instructive and enjoyable to drop in on a photographers thoughts and see the results.

    1. Yes, I do know. This is a bit of a challenging photograph but I enjoyed getting to know this building when we were there. It will be fun to work on over the next few weeks. Thank you.

    1. Thank you 🙂 This is an interesting place to visit. There is even a creek that flows through the cafe inside the building! They built the Chateau over the creek.

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