I was visiting a friend’s garden the other day and this cabbage caught my eye. I love the color palette and all the veins in purple. I felt a bit like a bunny getting into the leaves of this cabbage to find the best vantage point. A fun way to spend time in the sun with friends.My garden is just starting to wake up. We just had a nice set of showers yesterday and for the next few days it is sunny and warm. I am looking forward to watching all the growth before my eyes.


  1. When I was quite young and Mom and Dad kept a huge vegetable garden, the cabbages fascinated me. I loved watching them grow more than any other vegetable. Your photos brought a happy memory back to me, Carrie.

    1. Thank you, Janet. I have always loved cabbage, not so much to eat until I was an adult but its leaves are incredible when you get close!

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