WPC: Abstract

Layered muffled unclear
beginnings of an artists imagination
melding into
a feeling only expressed
only seen
by those in tune
with their heart

** This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, the theme this week is “Abstract”. I have really enjoyed so many of the entries this week. Finding an abstract photograph in something ordinary, it is a challenge but a wonderfully inspiring way to look at the world. You can find more entries, HERE.


    1. That is wonderful to hear, Maria. Thank you. Fun when inspiration strikes! I felt lucky to see the reflection of the clouds, blue sky and trees 🙂

  1. Sublime! So nice to start my week off seeing what your heart sees. Thank you for this! Lots of love to you, Carrie!

  2. The photo is most wonderfully abstract, Carrie, but your words are not. They are emotional, detailed, and apt: what better word to describe an abstract photograph than melding.

    1. You usually pick my favorite words from my writings, Janet. Yes, “melding”, I smiled when it came to me.
      I have always appreciated abstract artwork, I can get lost in the movement and expression easily. Thank you!

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