Flowers On Friday- Earth Day

I find myself often reflecting on our beautiful Earth. Her gentle hues, deep winds and vast expressions all blended in constant motion and waiting for us to behold. Today, I will continue to admire her and open my boys eyes to her greatness so they will hopefully continue to see our lovely Earth as something worth their time to explore, enjoy and preserve.

“The Language of Flowers Dictionary” defines an Azalea to mean, fragile and ephemeral passion.

Azaleas are everywhere in bloom right now in so many different colors. This one struck me because I loved the frosted looking leaves with the pale pink hues. It reminded me of the innocence of spring, for some reason. Fitting that it lives in the landscape of my sons school.


    1. Oh thank you, Margaret. Yes, nature is so wonderful. I am enjoying following you and feeling your appreciation for similar beauty and inspiration like me. Not sure about the reader, sometimes it happens :/ Glad you found me!

    1. Yes, so good to notice! I find, every time I do…I find a spark of happiness. Thank you, Robyn. I loved the muted tones in these images, soft and sweet.

  1. Beautiful, fragile photographs, Carrie, and as always, your words move me: “Her gentle hues, deep winds and vast expressions.” My good news is that this morning, my first daffodil opened. Nature will slowly but surely turn to lushness here as well.

    1. I loved the muted tones of this flowering gift I found in front of the office at my sons school. I am so happy to hear spring is in the air where you are, Janet. Quiet a moment to see those happy colors where there is usually ordinary shades of the everyday. Enjoy!

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