WPC: Dinnertime

My parents were just visiting for the week of our spring break, they left today. My mom requested Raclette while they were here, I will never say no to this meal. We have figured out our Raclette maker is also great at making mini-pizzas which my boys prefer. So, just before we all sat down to this feast, I captured the bounty spread out on our 10 ft table.

There is nothing like sharing a good wine, great browned cheese drizzled over cooked prosciutto, boiled potatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms and soft bread. Although, when paired with one-of-a-kind company it can’t be beat. I cherish good food but good food eaten with my family, it is everything I love.

**This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s theme is “Dinnertime”. You can see more entries, HERE.


  1. Thanks for the link to Raclette, even though I’m not sure I completely get it. So, do you melt the cheese and pour it over various foods?
    Your table is lovely and the sentiment of family gathered round is as well

    1. It is a Swedish fondue, you need the Raclette maker to do it. On the top of the Raclette maker is a grill top where you cook mushrooms, onions, peppers and prosciutto. On the bottom you use the square pans, you fill the pans with cut Grueyre cheese, about 3 to 4 slices. It is a slow meal, takes about 5 to 8 minutes for the cheese to melt and brown each time. When it is ready you put a slice of fresh bread, boiled potatoes, capers, prosciutto, onions, peppers, mushrooms and/or cornichons on your plate and then pour the melted cheese on top. There is a scraper with the square pan to help with they best parts of the cheese that may be stuck. Then before you eat it you add a new batch of cheese and repeat.
      It is a very social dinner, I like to use Emmentaler swiss and gruyere. It is a wonderful dinner, we had it for Christmas Eve as well which was wonderful. Not a lot of cutting up, you are mostly cooking it in front of you with little prep. Great for company. Hope this helps. I love our table! Especially when it is filled with wonderful food, friends and family.

      1. It does help! And it sounds so yummy!
        I like the idea of sitting around the table, cooking together, creating together, just being together.

      2. Yes, it is worth the wait and the slowness of the dinner adds some real magic to the evening. You can get Raclette makers most anywhere now 🙂

  2. Amazing family meal, I don’t know if we have raclette makers in Australia, I am certainly going to find out. I love this story and thankyou for the pics Carrie because they help to identify all the necessary ingredients. You may have started a new traditional meal in this Aussie family, I will keep you posted.
    Cheers from
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

    1. Oh fun, Annie. Yes, look for it. It is worth finding. So good. Glad you enjoyed reading, it was a wonderful time with my parents. They live FAR from us, 20+ hr drive. It was lovely to spend time together. Please let me know if you find a maker and enjoy!

  3. Wonderful spread! I’d never heard of raclette before – and I consider myself a bit of a cheese head! Love the idea of a meal like that, taking your time and enjoying the company as much as the food.

    1. Well June, I highly recommend this meal 🙂 It is a wonderful way to eat, enjoy good company and unwind. So happy to introduce it to you. I hope you get the opportunity to try it. Thank you.

    1. Oh how we loved sharing this dinner with you at Christmas 🙂 When I told my mom about it she made sure we had Raclette when she was here!

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