Flowers On Friday- Pink Buttons

Softly open
to the truth of what it means
to be you
in a crowd in your room in the wilds in bloom
chaos moves
be still within you

Polygonum capitatum, or Pink Buttons are one of my very favorite ground covers. These pink balls are only about a 1/2 in diameter. They remind me perfectly of the small dainty quiet beauty you can only catch a full glimpse of if you get down to the ground on your belly and stare, quietly.


    1. You know, they grew in Southern California in the shady parts and they grow here anywhere so I am assuming where you live part shade would work. They have fun multicolored leaves similar to a violet and they grow in bunches. They are pink year round too. So pretty.

    1. I love these tiny little gems! They are really small but so magical, I love getting down to their level and enjoying 🙂 Thank you, Laurie.

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