7 Day Nature Challenge/ Day 7

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge, a change of pace from my one photograph and poems. Here are more wonderful flowers from my neighbor’s yard. So much color and drama pouring out of these flowers. I could sit on the sidewalk and photograph them for hours.

Day 7, it is time for some nominations. I know I said I would nominate bloggers, but since there were no comments showing any interest I am not going to. I don’t want to add to someone’s workload just because I like their blog and want to see more from them. Please check out my “POSTS I LIKE” on the right-hand side. It will give you a wonderful assortment of incredibly talented folks sharing what they enjoy through their lens.

I said yes to the challenge from Pike at ArtKorppi II, post nature images for 7 days. Her images remind me of walking silently through nature, she peeks quietly through her neck of the woods giving me a sense of what it must be like to be a small animal living where she lives. I adore the perspective she offers through her lens. Please do take a look at her blog if you love to get lost in nature. And, if you are interested in participating in this challenge as well please let me know in the comments. I will nominate 7 bloggers on day 7.


  1. This is my favorite flower. I can take millions of pictures of these. I will have to show you my BW photos of Gerber Daisy’s..:) I think these are Gerber Daisy’s right?? lol

    1. Hello roofbreaker, I love gerber daisies too. I am not sure if these are or aren’t. Most Gerber’s that I know of have that ruffle in the center, these don’t, so they may be another type. I just love their color, shape wild center and all the different angles I can enjoy them. Yes, send me your link, here. I love all flowers!

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